Integrating Yoga Into Your Fitness Routine

Now that we’ve touched on the beneficial whys of incorporating yoga into your workout regime, it’s time to talk about how. Please note that I am not a fitness expert and you should still do your own research (especially if something doesn’t feel right). This is simply a combination of what I find works, and what I’ve researched myself.

Ready? Ok!

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Why You Should Incorporate Yoga Into Your Fitness Routine (Or Vice Versa)

I believe in balance. Without balance, stress takes over and you’re pulled in one direction. If you’re pulled too much, well, you might just snap. Working out is great and I love the benefits that I’ve experienced from exercising, but sometimes the strain is a lot.

The idea with working out is that you’re always pushing yourself towards ‘more’ – more reps, lift heavier – more, more, more. And that’s fine, but finding a way to counteract that and reintroduce harmony and appreciation for where you’re already at is a beautiful thing.

That’s where yoga comes in.

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How To Cat/Cow Fluid Movement


This is my favourite morning yoga pose. It’s great for stretching and really starting your body up, as well as allowing you to listen to what your body needs. You can feel your way into this movement and make your own variations (as to how deep to go, how far out to stretch, etc). Listen to your body.

Start by going on all fours. Wrists under the shoulders, knees underneath the hips. Press up and out into table top, whilst extending to the crown of the head.

Inhale cat/cow, bringing the heart forward, allowing the stomach skin to stretch. Travel the spine slowly, slooowly. This is a morning routine after all.

Exhale and move your way up from the tail by pressing up and out of the tops of your feet and your palms. Release crown of the head. Repeat.

Inhale into table top. Curl your toes and walk fingertips towards your thigh tops. Inhale. Open palms and shoulders to reach up above you. Exhale to release back. Rest the tops of your feet back down and sit on them whilst widening your knees. Go back onto all fours.

Reach fingertips forward. Come forward, scoooping. Inhale. Exhale and extend child’s pose, then continue inhaling and exhaling whilst rounding the spine and creating a fluid movement from left to right, or right to left. Allow the movement to be slow and fluid and feel how your body wants to move.