Goodbye, Pore Strips. Hello, Baking Soda!

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I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has a strange curiosity when it comes to pore strips. You know, that odd satisfaction of pulling the hardened strip off, only to reveal hair and some other funky bits that were on your nose.

But after using them for sometime I decided to look into the ingredients and how it actually works. What I found, just like the strip results, is not so pretty. So I figured it’d be good to find a natural alternative that, while not as instantly satisfying, is a whole lot better for your skin.

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Recipe: Skinny Banana + Egg Pancake

Talk about a fuss-free breakfast! This two ingredient pancake is a healthy and delicious alternative to regular pancakes. It is packed with protein and is gluten and flour free. Mmm! 



2 eggs 


2 bananas

I use 2 eggs + 2 bananas to get the consistency that I like but play around and see what texture you enjoy 🙂 I also use coconut oil to heat the pan for added health benefits. 


  • whisk the eggs in a bowl
  • In a separate bowl, mash the bananas using a fork

(Or cut up the banana and drop it in a blender along with the eggs. Quickly blend it and voila!)

  • Turn the heat on low-medium and pour some coconut oil in the pan. The size of the pancake depends on you but I prefer to make a decent sized one (since I’m way too hungry in the morning to wait to make lots of little ones). Watch the cake start to dry around the edges and signs of bubbling in the centre. Then you are ready to flip it. 
  • Enjoy the pancakes as they are or add cinnamon, flaxseeds, berries, etc… 


Have a beautiful day!

Lots of love xx


How To: Make Your Own Makeup Brush Holder


I’ve always wanted a nice way to display my make up brushes that is accessible and cute. I noticed a brass silver coated cup from a vintage store and was instantly inspired to use it a brush holder! The following is just a quick explanation for how you can create your own makeup brush holder 🙂 

Find A Container

It can be whatever you like, but the base should have enough diameter in order to fit all your brushes! You can use anything: an old candle holder, drinking glass, etc..the list is endless..

Find A Filler

Craft stores have vase fillers, but I don’t know where one is in my area so I used beads used for fish tanks as you can see in the image below. 


Fill It Up! 

Pour the beads, fillers, etc into the container so it is a comfortable level for you to access the brushes easily (this will vary depending on the container and the look you are going for). I filled mine up just over half way. 


Voila! There you have it 🙂 A customised, simple yet gorgeous makeup brush holder! Wee 🙂 Xx