Integrating Yoga Into Your Fitness Routine

Now that we’ve touched on the beneficial whys of incorporating yoga into your workout regime, it’s time to talk about how. Please note that I am not a fitness expert and you should still do your own research (especially if something doesn’t feel right). This is simply a combination of what I find works, and what I’ve researched myself.

Ready? Ok!

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How To: Take Care Of Your Hair


It’s no secret that good hair is essential for women (well, for everyone really, but particularly us ladies ;). Healthy hair reflects a healthy lifestyle and it feels sexy to have hair that is well taken care of.

General Hair Maintenance Rules: 

  • Use lukewarm water instead of scorching hot, as it is less damaging on your scalp.
  • Refrain from using heat on the hair (straighteners, hair dryers, etc) and if you have to, then make sure to wear some type of heat protection spray/serum or use the lowest heat possible. Let your hair air dry whenever possible.
  • Avoid chemicals or dyes. While they might enhance your appearance for a while, they are really harsh on your hair and scalp. If you must dye your hair then try to find hair friendly alternatives such as henna.
  • Avoid tying up your hair for long periods of time. If you do sport an all day tight ponytail, just allow your hair to be free when you get the chance.
  • Massaging your scalp is a great way to reduce tension and improve blood circulation. Simply massage your scalp whilst shampooing your hair for a few minutes each time.
  • Get a trim every six to eight weeks.

Foods For Healthy Hair

A combination of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains is vital for optimal hair growth. The healthier your diet, the healthier your hair.

Some of the goodies:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Eggs
  • Leafy greens
  • Complex carbs


And last but not least, deep condition your hair in order to restore it.

There are so many types of hair masks that you can make yourself, which are much healthier on the hair than store bought chemical hair masks (or the type your hair dresser claims will “save your hair!”). My favourite is the coconut oil hair mask

I’ll make another post on DIY hair masks in the near future. Stay tuned 🙂

Lots of love xx