How To Manage Your Time

Time management is such an important skill to have. Being able to effectively manage your time has the ability to affect your life in many positive ways, regardless of whether you are working, studying, etc.

I found that I was good at managing my time in high school when other students had to stay up late to finish their homework, but I was done before dinner and maintained good grades. Honestly, I just wanted to be able to relax for the rest of the night. Then I started working online and had to take my time management skills even further since the only thing that mattered was my productivity.

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5 Ways To Use Your Smartphone To Stay Motivated

1384957802738.cachedJordan Siemens/Getty

Many of us don’t go far without taking our smartphones with us. Instead of complaining about the way things have developed, let’s find a way to use our smartphones as a tool to enhance our efforts and increase motivation. Since you don’t leave home without it, learn to use to stay healthy and on track.

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How To: Get Back On Track After A Holiday

Hi guys! Sorry for the hiatus, but I was busy enjoying an amazing vacation in Australia! Now that I’m back and getting back on track, I thought I’d share some tips for getting back on track after a long break.


It’s no secret that being on holiday is a time for indulgence and kicking back. Unfortunately, there are consequences to eating, drinking and neglecting exercise since we often aren’t careful during these times. Many of us return home with a few extra pounds, less energy and a looming guilt trip. I say, let it go! Enjoy your holiday to your heart’s content and work your butt off when you get home. Here’s how:

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Go Green! Why Drinking Green Juice Is Good For You


Green juice is huge right now. Health nuts, fitness gurus and celebrities are raving about the benefits of green juices and smoothies and rightly so! This wonder drink is full of nutritious health benefits that your body will love and thank you for. 

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Fitness Motivation. Watch Out Where You Get It From!

Work out motivation meme’s, images, etc…they are everywhere nowadays. I enjoy seeing them and find a fair few of them to be motivating. However, people often believe that these images aren’t photoshopped, enhanced or altered – and this isn’t the case for SO many of them! I believe that people should find motivation in ways that work for them; whether it’s quotes or posters, but it is so important to be aware that everyone has different results and no one will look the same..especially if looking the same means looking digitally enhanced!

Let’s take Victoria’s Secret models, for example. I have respect for these girls. They train like athletes (especially before hitting the runway!) and they work HARD for their bodies. But, they are still not “good enough” for print. Their bodies are still altered with photoshop/lighting/makeup. Even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley admits that they use gel padding “I do believe in chicken fillets. I’m not saying you have to use them, but if anyone knows me and sees me in a photoshoot, well, there are friends in there.” and Miranda Kerr admits to even more (in the image at the end of this post). 

Here are some examples of what we are supposed to think they look like/what women look like (Before & After): 





I think the following pictures are much more inspiring than the photoshopped edition. Women who are taking charge of their health and bodies:




Image Image



Let whatever you want inspire you, but don’t think that you have to reach a specific result. The best you can do for you is simply that, the best. 


How To: Enjoy Working Out



Do you dread working out? 

See it as a chore?

Well, you aren’t alone but believe you me, working out can be fun, not to mention incredibly rewarding! Those that are able to find joy in working out are much more likely to pursue it for the long run, which is where the benefits come in anyway. The following tips will help you enjoy to your work out:

  • Imagination

Imagination can have a profound affect on your life. One of my favourite things about exercising is that it takes my mind to an undisturbed place, free of worry and negativity. Many people work out to look better, but exercising makes you feel better as well (hello, endorphins!). Every time you work out, think about how you want to look and feel and how hard you are willing to work to make that change. The fact that you are taking charge is incredibly rewarding. 

  • Form a Habit

Decide on working out for ___ times a week. Stick to your plan and eventually it will become a habit. Making it a habit makes it easy to continue and, before you know it, you will be looking forward to your scheduled work outs.

  • Challenge Yourself/Create Fitness Goals

It’s not supposed to be easy, or everyone would be doing it. It is a mental and physical challenge that you must dedicate yourself to. Set goals, such as reaching 100 sit ups in one setting or moving up in weights in a certain amount of time. Always listen to your body; learn the difference between bone ache and muscle ache, but never stop challenging yourself (even if it’s only in increments).

  • Try Different Things

Not everyone is going to enjoy the same work out. Some people prefer running, others despise it, and the same can be said about any exercise routines. There are SO many options for working out that saying “I don’t like working out. Period.” is the worst excuse in the book. Find a work out that excites you. This will help keep it challenging and fun!

  • Music

Music can change your mood and it is no different with working out. Many people find it easier to run and engage in physical activity with music. Create a soundtrack that motivates you. 

  • Track Your Progress

You can take pictures at the start of your work out (those “before” shots) and snap along as you advance. This kind of visual cue is incredibly rewarding. Alternatively, write your progress down in a book. Keep track of how long you worked out for, what was easier for you and what you added. All these details will continue to improve and grow as you do, too. 

  • Have a Blast! 

Yes, sometimes you might feel like giving up or that the last rep is absolutely impossible. But that is often just your mind tricking you into submission. Turn challenges into rewarding opportunities. When you do that jab-cross-hook-uppercut sequence, picture yourself as Mike Tyson. When you are dipping low into those plie squats, become a ballerina (see header picture for example :). Calf raises? Super woman stance is the best for these! 

There are so many ways to have fun with this. And once you do, as I have found, you will be looking forward to your next work. Now go and ENJOY! 

Lots of love xx