How To Manage Your Time

Time management is such an important skill to have. Being able to effectively manage your time has the ability to affect your life in many positive ways, regardless of whether you are working, studying, etc.

I found that I was good at managing my time in high school when other students had to stay up late to finish their homework, but I was done before dinner and maintained good grades. Honestly, I just wanted to be able to relax for the rest of the night. Then I started working online and had to take my time management skills even further since the only thing that mattered was my productivity.

Now that you have some back-story, let’s get into it. I hope that the following tips will help you manage your time more effectively.  Continue reading


Essena O’Neill Shook The Social Media World – And I’m Thankful For It

Former Instagram model Essena O’Neill recently posted a video about why she was quitting social media that caused quite a stir in the online community. Even though the original video is now off YouTube, there are plenty of others who continue to spread her message. You can view the video here:

Even though the video isn’t fun to watch, it raises some important topics. In the video, an emotional O’Neill lets the public know that her social media fame led to nothing but insecurities and self-judgement. Prior to the viral video, I had never heard of Essena O’Neill but I’m glad that I did.

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The Difference Between Efficiency And Effectiveness


We live in a time that praises efficiency. How many life hacks have you seen that teach us how to cut down on time or find short cuts? While this can be great for some things, it shouldn’t necessarily cross over into how you go about everything in your life.

Let’s discuss the meaning behind these words.

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What I Learned In 2014

I sat down and thought about 2014 and all the craziness that made up those 365 days. Some good, some bad – but all part of this life. Here are some of the lessons that came to me when I put pen to paper.

  • Life will keep handing you the same problem until you learn from it.
  • Persistence pays off, if the goal is genuine to you.
  • You have the power to change your body.
  • You don’t have to settle.
  • You can teach yourself new habits.
  • Every pain or set back makes you stronger and more deserving of the good things.
  • Nothing is over until you stop trying.

What lessons did you learn in 2014?

How can you take those lessons and focus on changes that you want for this year?

Last year I learned that I could change my body through hard work and determination. This year, my goal is to have that control over my mind – to develop a healthier relationship with it and nurture it in ways I never have before.

You can use the lessons that you’ve already learned to realise how you can simply change one aspect of it to create a new and attainable goal.

I can’t wait to make 2015 the best year yet and am looking forward to the new lessons that this year has in store. I hope the same for you!

Lots of love xx

How To: Think Positively


Positivity is a choice. One we can forget to make but is so beneficial to the quality of our lives when we remember to. Positive thoughts have the ability to make you feel happier, make the most of situations and realise what you have. Negative attitudes breed negative results and changing your focus to more positivities, possibilities and solutions is much more fulfilling than giving into worries or doubt. 

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Carpe Momento



We often hear the famous expression carpe diem which means seize the day. But what makes a day? Those 24 hours between midnights? A sunrise until a sunset? The definition of a day defers between people and maybe that’s why seizing the day sounds a lot easier than I’ve found it to be.

What makes a day by everyone’s definition?


When I think about my days realistically, I realise I go through a variety of emotions between the time I get up until the time I’m back in bed, and to me those varying emotions make it difficult to grab the day in one bunch, to take it for what it’s worth. That’s why the phrase carpe momento has much more weight and resonance with me. It means seize the moment. Every moment we are alive and breathing is a miracle. I know that sounds cliche but until someone shows me otherwise, I stand by that idea.

How To Form A Habit


Starting anything new and forming it into a habit may seem like a daunting task. Stop right there! Get rid of the negativity surrounding the idea and get it into your head that you CAN and you WILL change what you want to. You have to alter your beliefs to better suit your goals.

You can start by making a list of things that no longer serve you. This can include negative associations with beliefs, feelings that come up when you think about certain subjects and so on. Then, either on another piece of paper or a side column, counteract your own thoughts and put a positive spin on it. Why do you want to change these things? How will it make you feel when you do?

There are important steps to starting anything new and especially into forming a new habit:

1) Believe. You must believe, against all odds, that you can succeed and achieve your goals. Don’t give into any thoughts that tell you otherwise. If you have to, write it down and throw it away. Or burn it. Only allow positive associations to occupy your thoughts.

2) Control your beliefs. You have to feel your beliefs in its truth and know that you are truly capable. If there are lingering doubts or self-sabotaging thoughts, it’s likely that you won’t see it through.

3) Come up with a plan. Find out what it will take to reach your goals. This can include mind-mapping, jotting down ideas, reading books, doing research. But make sure you don’t spend more time studying about it than implementing it. You will learn what you need to through trail-and-error, so come up with a basic plan and alter it when the time comes.

4) Feel it. Whether you just want to sit and focus on your goals, meditate or go for a walk, find a way that works for you that clears your mind and allows you to tap into how good this achievement will feel. Play it like a movie in your mind: use all your senses to make this picture come to life.

5) Allow change. Because you are on a whole new path, or setting a goal which you’ve never touched before, there are going to be strange things taking place within you. This is good! Only through new thoughts and feelings can change occur. Embrace it.

6) Implement it in your daily life. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, if this is precious to you..prove it! If you’re looking to get fit, then leave prepare your work out gear in the morning so you see it first thing when you get home. If you want to eat healthy, write down a weekly meal plan.

7) Be specific (to some extent). Write down the times or dates that you are able to do this and do your best to stick to it. Things fluctuate, plans change but make it a goal to complete what you have committed to in your mind.

8) Be kind to yourself. You’ve made this decision and it’s a good one! Allow positive thoughts to overflow in you and reward yourself (with words, preferably!).

9) Note your progress. Every small step towards your goals is a step in the right direction. What might seem small at first can be vital to the whole picture. Allowing yourself to write down what you’ve already accomplished will increase your desire to do more.

10) (Optional) Tell your loved ones. It’s not uncommon that people make plans in their heads but never end up doing what they set out to. Telling someone, especially someone you respect and love, increases your personal motivation.


Be happy, be kind and be loving. You’ve made this choice, and it’s up to you to see it through. I wish you all the best xxx