DIY Daily Makeup Brush Spray

several small makeup brushes in a container

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DIY Daily Makeup Brush Spray

You might’ve heard that you should be wash your makeup brushes regularly (click here to find out how). Some say every other day, others say every week. I personally try to aim for once a week but there are times that it doesn’t happen.

That’s why I made my own daily brush spray, that I can use each day on my makeup brushes by simply spritzing it on the brush bristles and letting it air dry. I’ve seen a lot of high-end, ‘professional’ versions out there, so consider using this DIY recipe before spending your hard earned cash.

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The Bare Necessities (Why Makeup Free Days Are Important)

Sometimes you have to leave the house naked. Yes, you heard me right. Well, okay, maybe not in your birthday suit but by exposing that bare, beautiful face to the world.

I can picture you shaking your head or rolling your eyes and coming up with some excuse as to why you are the exception. Why you are the only person who has something that has to be covered or altered in order to feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup.

And that’s precisely the issue I’m trying to address.

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How To: Whiten Your Teeth With Activated Charcoal

Anyone who has ever touched activated charcoal knows that this stuff has a weird way of turning everything black. With this knowledge, you can understand why I was skeptical about using activated charcoal on my teeth. Aside from working as a whitener, activated charcoal also protects against gum disease and can help with internal toxins and food poisoning.


The cool thing about activated charcoal is that it isn’t absorbed by the body. It’s an absorbent substance that attracts toxins and chemicals as it passes through the body. You don’t ingest the charcoal during the teeth whitening process, but it’s not harmful if you do. Bye bye, hydrogen peroxide.

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Are You Guilty Of These Weight Loss Mistakes? (Part One)

Losing weight isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is even more difficult when people have false ideas regarding the best ways to go about weight loss. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight.

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How To: Wash Your Smelly Gym Clothes

Anyone who exercises knows that gym clothes aren’t the best smelling things, especially post workout. The stench tends to become even worse the longer that we leave the item, either on our bodies or in a laundry bag. You may find that, despite washing them several times, your workout gear doesn’t smell as good as it should. The following tips can help you restore your clothes back to their neutral state.

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Why Counting Calories Doesn’t Work (And What You Can Do Instead)


It’s a common belief amongst weight watchers and dieters that calories are evil. After all, too many calories make you fat, right? This is the main reason why so many people skimp on daily caloric intake in hopes to losing weight. While this can be the case if you have an excess of daily calories, this article explains how calorie counting can have its downsides.

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas Part 1

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day! I love eating substantial food in order to get my body ready for what’s in store. Here are some examples of my breakfast, with more to come 🙂 


Ingredients I used for these:

  • Rye bread with muesli
  • Ghee (healthy substitute for butter)
  • Duck slices
  • Air dried beef
  • Avocado
  • Tomato
  • Egg
  • Cheddar Cheese 
  • Sea salt & Pepper

Benefits of Wheatgrass


A shot of wheatgrass juice can do so many good things for your body. I don’t particularly like the taste, but the fact that it is loaded with goodies makes it go down much easier! 

Facts about wheatgrass:

  • A single ounce has 103 minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • A single ounce contains the same amount of nutritional value as around 2 and a half pounds of fresh leafy greens
  • High chlorophyll content
  • High vitamin content (A, B complex, C, E and K)
  • Rich in protein
  • Contains beta-carotene 
  • Naturally cleanses the body by stimulating white blood cells, which is excellent for our immune system
  • Stimulates the thyroid

Additionally, wheatgrass can be used externally to:

  • Help eliminate redness
  • Enhance natural glow
  • Exfoliate
  • Improve elasticity 
  • Treat acne    

I use the foam that is left over from a shot and apply that to a clean, freshly washed face. You can also purchase wheatgrass powder and make a paste to receive its external benefits 🙂 

Have a lovely day xx


How To: Declutter Your Living Space



Why do we hold onto things that we don’t need?

For many of us, it is a habit that is hard to get rid of. As I cleared my living space over the past few days, I realised I had been harbouring so many things that were no longer of any use to me (around four large garbage bags in total). Old clothes, shoes, sentimental items, floppy disks (!!), posters and other junk. I was inspired to clean up since the new year is starting (as per the Chinese calendar) but after this experience I will keep assessing my items and getting rid of things that are no longer of use. The following are some tips to decluttering: 

Don’t overwhelm yourself

Unless you have a completely free schedule and plan on surrounding yourself with a big mess for the time it takes to declutter, I would suggest approaching the process in increments. Start with the closet, a shelf, or any designated area, so you don’t look at the huge pile and go “oh no way, this is daunting. Dum dee dee, let’s just put everything back where it came from…”

Pile by pile

Start with a single pile with all the stuff from a certain area. Then sit down and go through the pile (it’s heaps better with music to accompany you, by the way), making two piles: those to keep and those to get rid of.

Ask the right questions

Is this of any use to me?

When was the last time I used it?

Will I REALLY ever use it?

According to your answers, donate, recycle or throw away the things you don’t want or need anymore. I made another pile before donating and throwing away by asking those close to me if they wanted any of the items – what might not be good for you anymore might be perfect for someone else. 

If you’re anything like me then you will want to do this fast and thoroughly. Over a few days, my living space was clean and decluttered, which has left me feeling fabulous! Some people will want to do a few minutes a day, some hours. Find a way that works for you. Even after I thought I was done, I realised I should give it one more go – and I ended up getting rid of one more garbage bag full of stuff!

Don’t worry about achieving perfection. 

Just do what you can to simplify your life and make space for the things you love, let them breathe and enjoy your new, clutter-free space! 

How To Eat Well To Maintain A Healthy Weight

I’m a strong believer that happiness and feeling good comes from how we treat our bodies. Engaging in activities that promote wellness from the inside out is so important; my personal preferences are exercising, yoga and simple things like taking my dog for a walk or cleaning the house. But one of the best ways to feel great, and look great, is to treat your body with the nourishment it deserves. 

Foods To Eat On A Daily Basis: Incorporating the following foods will keep your hunger in check, due to their rich fiber content and help ward off a number of ailments, whilst having low calorie content. 

  • Nuts: These are an excellent source of protein. It depends what you have access to but try to find nuts in their truest form (without additives such as MSG, salt, etc). My favourites include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and pistachios. 
  • Dark, leafy greens: I try to add these to every lunch and dinner. They are packed with nutrients and have so many nutritional benefits that it would be silly not to incorporate this into your diet. I also love that they are so simple to prepare! Unless I’m feeling really fancy I just heat up a bit of olive oil, throw in some diced garlic, add the veggies (for a minimum amount of time) and enhance the flavour with some sea salt and black pepper. Easy and delicious.
  • Carrots: You might remember being told that you will be able to see in the dark with these goodies and that is quite true! They are great for your eyes and add a crunchy texture to sandwiches, salads and can easily be eaten as a snack on their own (or dipped in organic peanut butter..yum!) 
  • Fruit: These babies are full of antioxidants and help curb your sweet tooth. Feel like eating processed sweetness? Grab an apple instead! My favourites include bananas, apples, mangoes, pineapples, papayas, guava and watermelon.
  • Whole Grains: Aside from vegetables, this is another source of my fiber. They also keep your hunger in check since they keep you feeling full for much longer.

Foods To Eat On A Weekly Basis: I suggest eating the following around three times per week. It’s really up to you but I find that’s what works for me.

  • Yoghurt: Now, yoghurt is my go-to snack (aside from fruits) so I might end up eating this more than 3x a week. It’s an ideal source of calcium. However, I make sure I get probiotic yoghurt that doesn’t have sugar added. Many popular yoghurt brands are packed with additives so you may want to opt for greek yoghurt or your local yoghurt source instead. 
  • Sweet Potato: This delicious alternative to starchy regular potatoes are packed with potassium, calcium and vitamins A and C. I love steaming them and enjoying it with curry instead of rice.
  • Avocado: This is my favourite alternative to butter and I tend to keep a jar of homemade guacamole in the fridge to spread onto bread. Alternatively, you can cut up chunks and eat it on its own, with toast or in salads. 
  • Oily Fish: Oily fish are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to our heart.  Unfortunately, tuna is also notorious for being loaded with mercury nowadays so I try to have that less regularly than I would prefer. Sardines are tasty and can often be found canned in olive oil or other low-additive alternatives. Their bones also contain a decent amount of calcium.

Foods To Eat Once In A While: I’m a firm believer that eating should be enjoyable. Of course, it’s easy to make dishes that are delicious, nutritious and pleasing but sometimes we want to have fun! And why shouldn’t we? I believe that giving in to your cravings is healthy, as long as it is in moderation. I find that it is easier to eat clean most of the time if you allow yourself to have what you feel like every once in a while. Apparently, it keeps your metabolism in check by saying “surprise!” as well. 

My favourite options for treats include:

  • Desserts: Oh that macaroon has my name on it! And once in a while, I will indulge. Or a cupcake? Oh yes. But instead of these (if you have a massive sweet tooth and fruits just don’t cut it) try eating chocolate that has at least 70% cocoa powder. Bonus points for finding ones that provide a real sugar source instead of artificial sweeteners.
  • Alcohol: I enjoy red wine, a beer, a vodka..once in a while. My trick if I know that I’m going to be drinking is to up my work out so I burn more calories than I’m about to consume via drinking. Don’t know if this works for everyone but I feel it works for me. 
  • Red Meat: I love steak! It is probably my favourite meal in the world. I tend to grill my own steak so I know I am using a health marinade and using fresh steak.
  • White Starch: Though I don’t have this in my kitchen, I enjoy indulging in restaurant’s spaghettis or pizzas once in a while.

Foods That You Don’t Ever Need (in my opinion)

  • Processed/microwavable meals: There is nothing of value in these, except maybe if you’re absolutely starving and there is no other option. When I eat these, I feel so bad and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t do ANY good to my body.
  • Soda: Luckily I’m not a fan of soda, probably because I wasn’t allowed to drink it as a kid. They are loaded with artificial sweeteners and cause drinkers to become addicted to them. If it helps, picture that they are used to get rid of bad grease stains or rust. And if you leave a rusty ring in Coke overnight, it can deteriorate by morning. Just what is that doing to your insides then?!
  • Canned Soups: Similar to processed meals, they have no nutritional value and are often loaded with sodium. 
  • Low Fat/Sugar Free/Diet: They might sound better but that’s as far as it goes. They are normally loaded with chemicals to make up for the ingredients that claim to be “missing.”