Why You Should Incorporate Yoga Into Your Fitness Routine (Or Vice Versa)

I believe in balance. Without balance, stress takes over and you’re pulled in one direction. If you’re pulled too much, well, you might just snap. Working out is great and I love the benefits that I’ve experienced from exercising, but sometimes the strain is a lot.

The idea with working out is that you’re always pushing yourself towards ‘more’ – more reps, lift heavier – more, more, more. And that’s fine, but finding a way to counteract that and reintroduce harmony and appreciation for where you’re already at is a beautiful thing.

That’s where yoga comes in.

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Ladies, Have You Heard About The Mooncup?

Warning: This is TMI post.


I had never heard about the Mooncup, or any menstrual cup, until quite recently. At first, the thought completely grossed me out. Until I considered the methods I was already using, which were not only harmful to my body but to the environment as well. “On average, one woman will use over 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, which will end up in landfill or in the sea.” Oh dear.

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Are You Guilty Of These Weight Loss Mistakes? (Part Two)


  • Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol metabolizes differently than other beverages and foods. Unlike the calories that we get from proteins, fats and carbs, alcohol is seen as a toxin and the body and therefore requires no digestion. The calories turn into body fat and are stored in the body. Alcohol contains empty calories, dehydrates your body and can lower your inhibitions – causing your hard (diet) work to go to waste.

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Are You Guilty Of These Weight Loss Mistakes? (Part One)

Losing weight isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is even more difficult when people have false ideas regarding the best ways to go about weight loss. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water In The Morning

We all know that drinking water is good for us and that we should strive to drink around 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. Many of us aren’t aware that drinking water first thing in the morning, upon waking up, is one of the best ways to start your day. There are numerous therapeutic benefits to chugging down a glass of water when your eyes first open.


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Benefits of Wheatgrass


A shot of wheatgrass juice can do so many good things for your body. I don’t particularly like the taste, but the fact that it is loaded with goodies makes it go down much easier! 

Facts about wheatgrass:

  • A single ounce has 103 minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • A single ounce contains the same amount of nutritional value as around 2 and a half pounds of fresh leafy greens
  • High chlorophyll content
  • High vitamin content (A, B complex, C, E and K)
  • Rich in protein
  • Contains beta-carotene 
  • Naturally cleanses the body by stimulating white blood cells, which is excellent for our immune system
  • Stimulates the thyroid

Additionally, wheatgrass can be used externally to:

  • Help eliminate redness
  • Enhance natural glow
  • Exfoliate
  • Improve elasticity 
  • Treat acne    

I use the foam that is left over from a shot and apply that to a clean, freshly washed face. You can also purchase wheatgrass powder and make a paste to receive its external benefits 🙂 

Have a lovely day xx


How To Use Coconut Oil For Beauty Maintanence

Aside from being a great alternative oil in cooking, coconut oil has a number of health and beauty benefits as well.


  • Deep Conditioning: Simply applying coconut oil all over your hair and putting on a shower cap (or tie a plastic bag around your head even!) and leave it for an hour (or as long as you feel like). Shampoo it out and voila! smooth, silky hair.
  • Shampoo: Combining 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1/3 cup of liquid soap (Castile preferably), 1/4 cup coconut milk. Add drops of your favourite essential oil to enhance the scent. 
  • Frizz Fighter: Apply a tiny amount of coconut oil onto your hands and rub them to warm the oil. Use your hands to smooth the frizz out. The more coconut oil you use, the more likely you will end up having oily looking hair so use sparingly.
  • Scalp Soother: Applying a small amount of coconut oil to your scalp can get rid of itchiness and dandruff.


  • Scrub: Put some baking soda in a bowl and add in a little bit of coconut oil so you have a good consistency that is not too runny but not too harsh. Rub gently all over your face for exfoliation.
  • Facial Cleanser: Mixing olive and coconut oil can provide a deep cleaning wash. 
  • Moisturiser: Use a teeny tiny amount of coconut oil, warm it between your hands and apply to your clean face before bed. 
  • Mask: Combine coconut oil (around a teaspoon) and little bit of honey then apply it to your face and leave the mask for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  • Makeup Remover: Coconut oil is great at removing makeup, especially ones that hare hard to remove. 
  • False Eyelash Remover: Apply a dab of coconut oil onto a cotton pad and hold it onto your eyelid until the eyelash comes off without any tugging/rough movement. 
  • Lip balm: Putting coconut oil in a small container and having it available in the fridge is great for at home lip moisturising. It is not advisable to put this in your purse because coconut oil hardens and melts depending on temperature exposure.