Goodbye, Pore Strips. Hello, Baking Soda!

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I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has a strange curiosity when it comes to pore strips. You know, that odd satisfaction of pulling the hardened strip off, only to reveal hair and some other funky bits that were on your nose.

But after using them for sometime I decided to look into the ingredients and how it actually works. What I found, just like the strip results, is not so pretty. So I figured it’d be good to find a natural alternative that, while not as instantly satisfying, is a whole lot better for your skin.

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The Bare Necessities (Why Makeup Free Days Are Important)

Sometimes you have to leave the house naked. Yes, you heard me right. Well, okay, maybe not in your birthday suit but by exposing that bare, beautiful face to the world.

I can picture you shaking your head or rolling your eyes and coming up with some excuse as to why you are the exception. Why you are the only person who has something that has to be covered or altered in order to feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup.

And that’s precisely the issue I’m trying to address.

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DIY: Egg White Face Mask

You gotta love eggs! Whether you are eating them or putting them on your skin, eggs are definitely full of goodness. Try this simple egg white mask for a cheap at-home alternative that leaves your skin feeling fresh and tight. 

Egg white masks help:

– remove excess oil (oil-blotting properties)

– remove whiteheads (by sucking out debris and oil from the pores)

– tighten skin (which reduces fine lines and wrinkles)

– promote tissue growth and repair

– moisturise and hydrate the skin

– slow down the skin’s ageing process.

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Fitness Motivation. Watch Out Where You Get It From!

Work out motivation meme’s, images, etc…they are everywhere nowadays. I enjoy seeing them and find a fair few of them to be motivating. However, people often believe that these images aren’t photoshopped, enhanced or altered – and this isn’t the case for SO many of them! I believe that people should find motivation in ways that work for them; whether it’s quotes or posters, but it is so important to be aware that everyone has different results and no one will look the same..especially if looking the same means looking digitally enhanced!

Let’s take Victoria’s Secret models, for example. I have respect for these girls. They train like athletes (especially before hitting the runway!) and they work HARD for their bodies. But, they are still not “good enough” for print. Their bodies are still altered with photoshop/lighting/makeup. Even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley admits that they use gel padding “I do believe in chicken fillets. I’m not saying you have to use them, but if anyone knows me and sees me in a photoshoot, well, there are friends in there.” and Miranda Kerr admits to even more (in the image at the end of this post). 

Here are some examples of what we are supposed to think they look like/what women look like (Before & After): 





I think the following pictures are much more inspiring than the photoshopped edition. Women who are taking charge of their health and bodies:




Image Image



Let whatever you want inspire you, but don’t think that you have to reach a specific result. The best you can do for you is simply that, the best. 


How To: Dry Brush Your Skin


You may have seen dry brushing on a spa menu or heard people talking about it but never really looked into it. This little gem is one of the best things you can do for your skin in the comfort of your own home. 

Dry Brushing Health Benefits:

  • exfoliating dead skin
  • stimulating your lymphatic system
  • reducing cellulite
  • unclogging pores
  • mildly detoxifying your skin

Steps For Dry Skin Brushing:

  • Buy a natural skin brush that has a long handle (mine is detachable, so I use the long handle for my lower body and back and detach it to comfortably brush my upper area)
  • Stand naked in your bathroom or shower area. Somewhere that can easily be cleaned since dead skill will fall.
  • Brush from your feet and move upwards (towards the heart) in long motions. It is best to go over each area a few times. Be gentle on sensitive areas, such as your breasts and arm pits. 
  • After you’ve brushed your whole body, get in the shower. 
  • Once you’re out of the shower, pat your skin dry.


Dry brush your body daily. For optimal results, dry brush twice a day. You will notice and feel skin improvements after a few weeks of dry brushing. 

Cleaning Your Brush:

Simply clean your brush using soapy water and rinse it until it is soap-free. Allow it to dry in the open-air, direct sunlight.


Lots of love xx


How To: Take Care Of Your Hair


It’s no secret that good hair is essential for women (well, for everyone really, but particularly us ladies ;). Healthy hair reflects a healthy lifestyle and it feels sexy to have hair that is well taken care of.

General Hair Maintenance Rules: 

  • Use lukewarm water instead of scorching hot, as it is less damaging on your scalp.
  • Refrain from using heat on the hair (straighteners, hair dryers, etc) and if you have to, then make sure to wear some type of heat protection spray/serum or use the lowest heat possible. Let your hair air dry whenever possible.
  • Avoid chemicals or dyes. While they might enhance your appearance for a while, they are really harsh on your hair and scalp. If you must dye your hair then try to find hair friendly alternatives such as henna.
  • Avoid tying up your hair for long periods of time. If you do sport an all day tight ponytail, just allow your hair to be free when you get the chance.
  • Massaging your scalp is a great way to reduce tension and improve blood circulation. Simply massage your scalp whilst shampooing your hair for a few minutes each time.
  • Get a trim every six to eight weeks.

Foods For Healthy Hair

A combination of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains is vital for optimal hair growth. The healthier your diet, the healthier your hair.

Some of the goodies:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Eggs
  • Leafy greens
  • Complex carbs


And last but not least, deep condition your hair in order to restore it.

There are so many types of hair masks that you can make yourself, which are much healthier on the hair than store bought chemical hair masks (or the type your hair dresser claims will “save your hair!”). My favourite is the coconut oil hair mask

I’ll make another post on DIY hair masks in the near future. Stay tuned 🙂

Lots of love xx

How To: Make Your Own Makeup Brush Holder


I’ve always wanted a nice way to display my make up brushes that is accessible and cute. I noticed a brass silver coated cup from a vintage store and was instantly inspired to use it a brush holder! The following is just a quick explanation for how you can create your own makeup brush holder 🙂 

Find A Container

It can be whatever you like, but the base should have enough diameter in order to fit all your brushes! You can use anything: an old candle holder, drinking glass, etc..the list is endless..

Find A Filler

Craft stores have vase fillers, but I don’t know where one is in my area so I used beads used for fish tanks as you can see in the image below. 


Fill It Up! 

Pour the beads, fillers, etc into the container so it is a comfortable level for you to access the brushes easily (this will vary depending on the container and the look you are going for). I filled mine up just over half way. 


Voila! There you have it 🙂 A customised, simple yet gorgeous makeup brush holder! Wee 🙂 Xx

Soap & Glory’s The Yule Monty


  • Sugar Crush Body Wash
  • The Righteous Butter Body Cream
  • Heel Genius Foot Mask
  • Hand Food Hand Cream
  • Peaches & Clean Face Cleanser
  • Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara
  • The Scrub of Your Life Body Buffer
  • Butter Yourself Body Lotion
  • Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Pumping Gloss
  • Limited Edition Toiletry bag
Received this gift set over the weekend (I know it’s meant to be for Christmas, but I am definitely not complaining) and am so stoked to try these products. I already know that The Righteous Butter Body Cream is a gem, since it’s my favourite body lotion and I’ve been using the foot mask for the past few nights and my feet have never felt more smooth. I’ll review the rest of the items once I’ve actually used them for long enough 🙂 Xx