Integrating Yoga Into Your Fitness Routine

Now that we’ve touched on the beneficial whys of incorporating yoga into your workout regime, it’s time to talk about how. Please note that I am not a fitness expert and you should still do your own research (especially if something doesn’t feel right). This is simply a combination of what I find works, and what I’ve researched myself.

Ready? Ok!

First of all, your workout schedule should be tailored so that you’re working different muscle groups on different days. You don’t want to overexert any muscle group. It’s recommended that you rest each muscle group for anywhere between 24-48 hours to allow for recovery time, optimal results and performance. You can still practice HIIT, LISS and cardio on alternate days, as long as the emphasis isn’t on the muscle group of the previous day/session.

Then figure out what kind of yoga you enjoy. We don’t need to find the craziest type of yoga where we bend and twist like a pretzel. There are so many types of yoga (power yoga, restorative yoga, etc.). Explore, my friends! In general, I enjoy restorative yoga because it can be practiced whenever and altered, depending on your mood and what you want to get out of it.

It’s great practice to incorporate yoga into your workout schedule by working on the weight training recovery needs. For example, if I’ve had a session that leaves me sore the next day, then I’m going to do a stretching or relaxing practice. But if I’ve just done an ab session and feel like I can do a little more (on the same day), I might focus on a yoga sequence that still emphasises the core.

It’s rewarding to treat yourself with a yoga session after weight training, since it promotes inner awareness and restores energetic balance. Don’t worry, it won’t get rid of those oh-so-good endorphins, but rather enhances or even prolongs this state.

If you prefer to do yoga right before your workout, then focus on a routine that warms you up instead of stretching you out, since deep stretching before a workout can increase your risk of injury.

Regardless of what yoga you choose, look for poses that expand and elongate the muscles that were previously used in your weight training session. And then use other poses for overall rest and restoration.

Find what works for you.

Lots of love xx