6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water In The Morning

We all know that drinking water is good for us and that we should strive to drink around 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. Many of us aren’t aware that drinking water first thing in the morning, upon waking up, is one of the best ways to start your day. There are numerous therapeutic benefits to chugging down a glass of water when your eyes first open.


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Recipe: How To Make a Killer Quac

Mmm, avocados! They are full of goodness, with healthy fats, protein, minerals, fibre and vitamins. However, if you buy them in bulk, you may find that they go bad before you can even finish them all. This guacamole recipe is ideal for using up all your avocados and storing them in the fridge, so you can enjoy them for that much longer :) 


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Weight Loss Tricks and Tips: Part 1

There are many ways you can go about losing weight. In order to have long-lasting results and do it in a healthy way, you should make mindful decisions that can help you reach your weight loss goals. This first instalment of Weight Loss Tricks and Tips offers some of the best and easiest ways to start.

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Book Recommendation: The Untethered Soul

I just finished The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer last night and I’m actually bummed that it’s over. What a wonderful read with very interesting and applicable ideas. I once started reading this book but was not in the right mind frame and put it down, then I picked it up again and still wasn’t sure with the first few chapters. About four chapters in, I was hooked. I would recommend this to anyone that is curious about their mind, thoughts and personality. Purchase it at amazon by clicking here.


Clean Eating Tips


People all over the world are buzzing about the clean eating movement. Whether you open a magazine or are browsing through the Internet, you’ve likely seen endless articles and memes written about clean eating and how we should all be doing it. I completely agree and think that it’s one of the most beneficial trending topics at the moment. However, do all of us really know what it means to eat clean? Eating clean is a way of reshaping your diet and eating more nutritious, healthier options whilst reducing (or eliminating) lesser quality food.

Here are some clean eating tips to get you started.

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Five Ways To Relieve Muscle Soreness

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If you’re an avid fitness enthusiast, then you understand how it feels to have sore muscles. You’ve felt it once and you will feel it again (if you continue to work hard). By now you should know that the “no pain, no gain” motto doesn’t mean enduring pain that is associated with a serious issue, but simply refers to the overall sore feeling after a good session.

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Why Counting Calories Doesn’t Work (And What You Can Do Instead)


It’s a common belief amongst weight watchers and dieters that calories are evil. After all, too many calories make you fat, right? This is the main reason why so many people skimp on daily caloric intake in hopes to losing weight. While this can be the case if you have an excess of daily calories, this article explains how calorie counting can have its downsides.

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Tips For Staying Fit During Your Travels


In my previous post I discussed ways in which you can get back into the groove of maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime. However, there are also some easy things you can do during your travels to minimise your time away from the gym. The following tips won’t necessarily make you fit, but they will keep your body and mind in better shape. 

Walk whenever and wherever you can:

Walking is an excellent low-impact exercise that makes it easier to stay at a healthy weight, strengthen bones and improve your mood, coordination and balance. Traveling offers many opportunities to walk around; whether its making laps around the airport departure lounge or walking around a new neighbourhood. 

Workout in your hotel room:

We are creatures of habit and when our regular gym regimen is disrupted, we tend to use this as an excuse to slack off. There are plenty of workouts that can be done in the comfort of a room, without any equipment. Body weight exercises are a great option for traveling. YouTube has a huge selection of no-equipment workouts that can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Choose activities that make you move:

Opt for at least a few holiday activities that keep you moving, whilst allowing you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. The activities can include swimming, hiking, trekking, cycling, you name it. 

Walk/stretch around the airport:

Why do we sit around to wait to sit around on a flight? I don’t know, but I am guilty of doing the same. It is easy to get your blood pumping and muscles moving if you walk around the airport. Stretching is another great habit for airport waiting times and will help prevent your body from cramping and swelling up during long flights. 

Everything in moderation:

There’s no point in beating yourself up during your travels. Everything in moderation is completely fine. In fact, surprising your body with unusual food once in a while is a way of waking up your metabolism. Just try to keep some healthy habits, instead of neglecting everything you’ve been working towards.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: water is so important! Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Not only is drinking plenty of water essential for your body to perform at its best, but traveling is also known to cause dehydration and water retention. 

Go to the gym (if you can):

Originally, we planned to maintain our regular workout schedule on vacation, but found that to be much too difficult after our first (and last) time at the gym. If you are more motivated (and less hung over), then trying new gyms is a great way of pushing yourself and keeping your fitness level up. Visiting a gym during your travels might also offer some unique experiences, like seeing a horse in the window.