How To: Work Out Your Legs (My Favourites!)

Legs are my favourite body part to work out, hands down. I feel that it’s really important to have strong legs to carry you through life as they aid you in so many ways. It also happens that working our your legs is one of the most effective ways of lowering overall body fat and increasing strength.

There are so many amazing leg exercises out there that it can be hard to choose. Even though you can’t really spot reduce, or spot tone, certain exercises do activate and draw more attention to specific areas (such as inner leg raises for the inner thigh). This first series of “My Favourite Leg Work Outs” is a combination of 6 of my most loved leg exercises. 

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Go Green! Why Drinking Green Juice Is Good For You


Green juice is huge right now. Health nuts, fitness gurus and celebrities are raving about the benefits of green juices and smoothies and rightly so! This wonder drink is full of nutritious health benefits that your body will love and thank you for. 

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How To: Think Positively


Positivity is a choice. One we can forget to make but is so beneficial to the quality of our lives when we remember to. Positive thoughts have the ability to make you feel happier, make the most of situations and realise what you have. Negative attitudes breed negative results and changing your focus to more positivities, possibilities and solutions is much more fulfilling than giving into worries or doubt. 

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Gratitude & Appreciation


Life is full of wonderful treats. Whether they come in the form of a person or an event, gifts are everywhere and a part of our lives. Appreciation is so important to the quality of our lives and those around us. Where awareness is lacking, so is appreciation. Appreciating what you already have and what is in front of you is one of the most powerful things you can do in this life. Even if something doesn’t seem like much, it is all that you need and all that serves you at this moment.

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Excuses That You Need To Ditch!


There are so many excuses out there, but they don’t help anyone! Ditch the following excuses in order to achieve your fitness goals. 

  • “I don’t have time.”

Are you sure?! Many people claim that they don’t have time to exercise, but they find time to browse Facebook, check Instagram, watch a TV show/movie. If you have a few minutes here and there during the day, you have time! You can even break up your exercises into increments.

Those that are super busy and addicted to fitness even do squats/calf raises/etc whilst brushing their teeth! Can’t miss the airing of your favourite TV show? Then move your workout in front of the TV. 

  • “I’m way too tired.”

Fancy that! You know what fixes that weary feeling? Working out! Endorphins will help kick that tiredness to the curb. Of course, if you are genuinely fatigued, you may want to choose a workout that doesn’t result in a heavy weight landing on your foot due to sheer exhaustion. 

  • “I have children and I can’t get time away from them.”

Google image: Moms working out with kids. Hello! Your little ones are living weights. And if they are too old to want to be held, challenge them to join your work out. Mmm, just imagine the naps they’ll have to have afterwards.

  • “Working out is boring/Working out isn’t for me.”

Do you know how many different types of exercises there are in the world? A kajillion. There must be something that excites or motivates you, you just have to keep looking for it and trying different things.

  • “I look stupid when I work out.”

Does anyone really look good when they first try something out that contorts their body and makes them huff and puff? Not really. Practice good form and you will get better. You have to start to be good at something. 

  • “But I’m skinny/I’m fat.”

Exercise isn’t just about weight. In fact, weight shouldn’t even really be a factor. The weight just works itself out. The amazing benefits of exercise help everyone, skinny or plump. 

  • “I can’t afford to exercise.”

Gym memberships can be a laugh. But who said you have to go to a gym? There are SO many at home work outs that you can do. No weights? Use cans of food. Don’t have that either? How about a water bottle filled with sand? Or a couple books? There is always a way. This ties in with work out clothes are expensive. If you’re reading this I’m pretty sure you have some clothes on (am I right?) use what you have. And if you work out at home, you can even do it in your undies! (For women I do suggest some support for your chest though, but if you can’t afford a work out top at least get a bra without underwire. Big or small, our breasts need protection).

  • “I tried working out and it did nothing. So, meh.”

Sounds like you did some serious working out in order to make a statement like that. But I kind of doubt it. As long as you are getting your heart rate up, SWEATING, and pushing yourself in increments – it will eventually pay off. Eat clean, too, because that’s one of the major reasons “working out hasn’t affected my body.”

Say good bye to those silly excuses and get in the best shape of your life. I dare you.

Lots of love xx




Overwhelmed? Stressed? How To Deal With Stress At Work


Aaaah! Let’s just say that right now things are crazy! It feels like everything was snowballing and BOOM! now it is time to do everything at once. I’m only talking about work stresses..and even then, I do what I love for work. Yeah, you can call me one of those people. 2014 is off to a pretty crazy and amazing start, though there are times I have felt so overwhelmed! 

Here are some tips to help manage work stresses: (This is pretty much a note to myself and I hope you guys can benefit from it, too.)

  • Work on what you can control

There will be many things that are out of your control, but there is no point in stressing about them. Let the natural flow of things take place and keep focused on what you can do, when you can do it. 

  • Do something you love

Even though you might feel like there is absolutely no time to spare, you can always take a few minutes and re-connect with yourself. Whether it is some stretching, listening to a song or having a quick walk…whatever you decide to do will recharge you and prepare you for what’s ahead.

  • Make notes/lists/whatever works

I’m the kind of person that has to make notes of what needs to be accomplished in a day. And boy, am I glad that that is habit of mine. If you don’t write things down then you can lose yourself in thoughts of “oh god, what was next? and when am I supposed to do that?” It take practice and you’ll find a way that works for you. Even if it means writing it on your palm (*nudge nudge*)

  • Don’t let perfectionism get the better of you

Of course we want to do everything right the first time, but as long as you are doing your best, don’t fret! Aiming to be perfect all the time can be incredibly exhausting. You’ll learn the right way to handle things as mistakes happen. And I’m sure you aren’t trying to make mistakes on purpose, so loosen up a bit. 

  • Take care of your body!

I still have to fit in exercising every day. It is as important to me as brushing my teeth or showering. Plus, hello endorphins! Drink plenty of water, give your eyes a little break from the computer screen, eat an apple…anything that will help fuel you through these times is a must!

Lots of love xx




Fitness Motivation. Watch Out Where You Get It From!

Work out motivation meme’s, images, etc…they are everywhere nowadays. I enjoy seeing them and find a fair few of them to be motivating. However, people often believe that these images aren’t photoshopped, enhanced or altered - and this isn’t the case for SO many of them! I believe that people should find motivation in ways that work for them; whether it’s quotes or posters, but it is so important to be aware that everyone has different results and no one will look the same..especially if looking the same means looking digitally enhanced!

Let’s take Victoria’s Secret models, for example. I have respect for these girls. They train like athletes (especially before hitting the runway!) and they work HARD for their bodies. But, they are still not “good enough” for print. Their bodies are still altered with photoshop/lighting/makeup. Even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley admits that they use gel padding “I do believe in chicken fillets. I’m not saying you have to use them, but if anyone knows me and sees me in a photoshoot, well, there are friends in there.” and Miranda Kerr admits to even more (in the image at the end of this post). 

Here are some examples of what we are supposed to think they look like/what women look like (Before & After): 





I think the following pictures are much more inspiring than the photoshopped edition. Women who are taking charge of their health and bodies:




Image Image



Let whatever you want inspire you, but don’t think that you have to reach a specific result. The best you can do for you is simply that, the best. 


How To: Dry Brush Your Skin


You may have seen dry brushing on a spa menu or heard people talking about it but never really looked into it. This little gem is one of the best things you can do for your skin in the comfort of your own home. 

Dry Brushing Health Benefits:

  • exfoliating dead skin
  • stimulating your lymphatic system
  • reducing cellulite
  • unclogging pores
  • mildly detoxifying your skin

Steps For Dry Skin Brushing:

  • Buy a natural skin brush that has a long handle (mine is detachable, so I use the long handle for my lower body and back and detach it to comfortably brush my upper area)
  • Stand naked in your bathroom or shower area. Somewhere that can easily be cleaned since dead skill will fall.
  • Brush from your feet and move upwards (towards the heart) in long motions. It is best to go over each area a few times. Be gentle on sensitive areas, such as your breasts and arm pits. 
  • After you’ve brushed your whole body, get in the shower. 
  • Once you’re out of the shower, pat your skin dry.


Dry brush your body daily. For optimal results, dry brush twice a day. You will notice and feel skin improvements after a few weeks of dry brushing. 

Cleaning Your Brush:

Simply clean your brush using soapy water and rinse it until it is soap-free. Allow it to dry in the open-air, direct sunlight.


Lots of love xx